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How long are repair tickets kept for?

The short answer is: Until they are deleted.

You can see recent tickets from the Ticketing > Closed Tab. Tickets are shown here for 30 days.

The second place you can find repair tickets (and all customer related data) is from within any given customer profile. This can be done by searching for the customer using the global search bar at the top of every page or by clicking on them in the list found on the customer’s page.

There are only two scenarios where repair tickets would be removed from the platform by us.

  1. You stop using BusyBench and the account is inactive for 6 months. At that point the account is completely removed from our system.
  2. You ask us to purge your data from our database prior to that. Keeping in mind, that in order for us to complete this you would have to request this from the primary email account, verify ALL contact information and various other smaller details to ensure this is your true intent. Additionally, all accounts asking to be purged before 6 months will be placed into an inactive state for a full 30 days before they are completely and truly purged.

Umm, why so much concern over deleting my account?

Because we fully understand the impact that an ex-employee or business manager can have on a business when they are terminated or simply become vengeful. Our job is to safeguard your data from as many attack vectors as possible. Unfortunately this includes your company from within as well.

Updated on November 9, 2020

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