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How to Edit Asset Fields?

The asset fields you see when adding a new asset to a customer are 100% customizable.

This setting can be found by clicking on your Settings which is found under the profile picture menu in the top right. Then selecting the Customers Tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Currently there are 5 options that can be edited per-asset field.

  • Name: This is what will display in the asset field, this should be something short and sweet, such as Brand, Make or Model.
  • Type: There are currently 3 field types to choose from.

The first type of option is called Text. This is just a basic line of information, you can type anything you like here. This is great for always changing but required data that needs to be on tickets such as weight or height of an asset.

The second Type of option is called Select. This is where you would predetermine a list of items such as common brands or common things that would be selected in a drop down style menu.

The third Type of option is called Multi-Line. Unlike Text, Multi-Line is an area for large amounts of information, such as where a paragraph or more of text is required to be inputted. Although this option Type isn’t used much, it can be used when you may have to copy and paste a long form of multi-line information such as an emailed estimate or correspondence.

  • Not Required vs. Required: This option is pretty self explanatory. If you want the field you are creating to be required when creating an asset and to never be skipped over or forgotten, select Required.
  • Not Shown in List vs. Shown in List: If selected to be shown in list, this field will be shown as a separate column on the Tickets page under the Ticketing heading found on the left hand navigation menu. This option is fantastic at showing items you need to see at an overall glance, such as warranty status.
  • Do Not Print on Ticket vs. Print on Ticket: If you would like your field information (Such as brand, make or model) to show up on the physical repair ticket select Print on Ticket, otherwise leave this field set to Do Not Print on Ticket.

Field Order: Once your fields are created or edited you may want to change how they are displayed. You can do this by dragging items above or below one-another in the Asset Fields list. This will change what order they are seen in when creating a new asset for a customer.

Updated on November 9, 2020

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