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HIPAA Compliance Policy

Is BusyBench HIPAA compliant?

BusyBench meets industry standards for online security, but is not compliant with the HIPAA standards for privacy. If you are a health care professional, it is not recommended that you enter “individually identifiable health information” into BusyBench, store credentials, details or documentation of systems capable of doing so in BusyBench.

What about that AWS thing?

Although BusyBench is hosted and ran almost entirely in Amazon’s AWS environment which is HIPAA compliant, we do not endorse it being used in anyway to store PHI.

Will you sign a BAA?

Nope, there is no reason for us to sign a Business Associate Agreement as you shouldn’t be storing individually identifiable health information in BusyBench.

Any suggestions?

Although we can’t really make any recommendations on HIPAA compliant software, it should be known that this stance on HIPAA compliance is fairly common among SAAS platforms. HIPAA compliance is a serious thing, you are potentially putting very private data at risk. We recommended sticking with EMR specific software and never cutting corners.

QuickBooks and HIPAA compliance.

BusyBench is a software for computer repair and IT based service businesses not an EMR. Please do not use it as such.

Updated on November 9, 2020

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