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Free vs Premium Support

We currently offer two tiers of support. Free and Premium. As of now, premium support is only offered starting with our Standard plan.

Below, are some of the various items that will help you determine which support tier would best fit your company.

Free Support -included with Free and Basic plans.

  1. Account setup assistance: You might not understand how our import system works and need assistance adding your customers. We will help with that.
  2. Integration support: You may need help setting up SMTP and SMS. We will also give you a hand with that if you ask.
  3. Basic troubleshooting: Don’t know how to upload your logo? Yup, we will help with that too.
  4. Any malfunctions or “bugs” are treated with the utmost importance regardless of which plan you have.

Premium Support – included with Standard and higher plans.

  1. Priority request consideration: If you have an idea for a change or an improvement, it immediately gets sent to the planning team for evaluation and potential implementation.
  2. Priority ticket support: Although we answer all support requests, we do prioritize premium support accounts above others.
  3. Hands on customization support: If you need CSS or template customization, we will help until you are satisfied with the final result.
  4. If you need help with literally anything we will assist you. We are a small team dedicated to our customers. Plain and simple, we want to keep you happy.
Updated on November 9, 2020

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